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Ceramic Coatings and PPF


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About Us

The Quality Detailers in the Denham Springs area

We specialize in Paint Correction and Reconditioning, Ceramic Coatings, and Paint Protection Film.

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Unlike your average detail shop that provides a wide variety of services; we specialize in restoration and protection via ceramic coatings. This means you can rest assured that your beloved ride is in the hands of experts. Whether you need to remove paint defects, protect the finish, or reach that next level of clean, we can help you take the next step toward sheer automotive perfection.

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Paint Correction

Paint correction is our specialty at Southern Detail Pros. Between hands-on training with world renown paint correction specialists like Jason Kilmer and countless hours of training and research, we have everything it takes to tackle all of the paint defects your car may have. Swirl marks, water spots, deep scratches, etc.


Protecting your car from the elements is crucial. We know that proper preparation is everything when it comes to a ceramic coating. We do everything we can to ensure the longevity of our coatings and the clarity and gloss that they bring to the paint. As one of the only Cquartz Professional installers in the state, we have partnered with CarPro to bring you luxury experience and a warranty on gloss! The best part is, our prices average out to a dollar a day!

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Paint Protection Film

Protect your paint from rock chips and scratches with a self-healing clear film that wont yellow or crack for 12+ years guranteed. There is no superior protection and no better peace of mind than a car protected with PPF.

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